Photography Project Ideas for College Students 2022

Photography Project Ideas for College: Nothing reserves the moment more than a well-captured image. Today, we look at Photography project ideas for college students. If you love photography it means you have an open mind that settles for nothing less than the best.

You college project is important and to help you get some ideas on photography project ideas we have look at few types of photography that can carry out

Photography Project Ideas for College 2022

  1. Moon rise/moo set photography

One of the most common types of photography is sunrise or sunset photography. For your college photography project, you can opt to go for moonrise and moonset photography. Moonrise and moonset photography can produce some beautiful and resourceful images. This project can be challenging but with the right equipment and correct timing you can have unique photos

  1. Water splash Photography

There are various ways you can carry out this kind of photography. You could throw objects in water; glass water splash or natural water splash from natural water sources. For effective results, additional help from a friend or colleague would come in hardy.

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  1. Children photography

Child photography has it up and down but it is also rewarding. Kid’s photos elicit more emotion and are likely to get more responses compared to normal photography of adults. Look for a background that adds detail to your photo. Lack of detail or texture will make it hard for you to have a beautifully blurry background.

  1. Insect photography

Another interesting photography that you can present in your college project is insect photography. If you want to make it in this kind of photography, detail photography is a must.  Generally, insects are small hence require a lot of attention. Above everything, you will require a macro lens. Other types of equipment like a tripod, reflector, and reflector are also important.

  1. Bird photography

It is important to understand that bird photography is much more than just having a good camera or a lens. It’s undeniable that a longer lens will make it easier for you to have great bird photography sessions but there is more to this type of photography. If you are a student who has not acquired a camera with a longer lens you can still take photos of easily accessible birds like the goose, ducks, peacocks, etc.

  1. Landscape photography

Good Landscape photography is one that should be able to capture the mind of the viewer into the reality of the scene. As a student you can choose to vary your photos from grand landscapes to fine details; to have an award-winning project let your photos demonstrate your own connection to nature and be able to capture the emotions of the world around you.

  1. Wildlife photography

Like bird photography, wild photography also requires a camera with a longer lens. It’s incredible if you are able to bring closer to viewers images that seem to be unreachable. Instead of having just a general photo of a leopard, you can take one when it is in motion trying to catch its prey. Always catch the intriguing moments.

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