What Helps to Grow Your Hair?

What Helps to Grow Your Hair?: Do you admire the idea of having beautiful long hair? The Fact About hair is; you are either born with good hair or you have to put more effort to have that beautiful and long hair. If you fall in the latter group, sometimes it is not easy growing your hair into the desired length. So the important question always arises: What helps to grow your hair?

Well to answer this question, we are going to look at some of the tips you can apply to grow your hair in the shortest period. Normally, you will require more commitment, patience and additional investment in several products that can add the required nutrient to your hair.

On average your hair grows approximately half an inch per month, so don’t have the idea that your hair will grow to 10 inches in just a few weeks. However, with proper care and diet soon your hair will start looking healthier as it grows.

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What Helps to Grow Your Hair? – How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally

The following tips will help grow your hair to the length you desire. There are simple routines that will give you an overhaul answer on what helps to grow your hair.

  1. Avoid Too Much Heat on Your Hair

Why You Need to Avoid Too Much Heat on Your Hair

Many people have a misconception that their hair is solely made of dead cells. If you want to grow your hair you will need to understand that your hair has two parts: the root and the shaft. The root is inside your skin and it is surrounded by the lining cells known as the follicle. For your hair to grow the stem cells in follicle divide very fast and as the new cells grow, the old ones are pushed upward forming the shaft. With time these dead cells are cut off from nourishment and they are filled with a protein known as keratin. Keratin is a type of protein can be destroyed by excessive heat.

To protect your hair from excessive heat avoid blow-drying your hair daily, reduce the habit of curling your hair using curling irons and when you really need to do this, you can use heat treatments.

  1. Cut Out the Split Ends

The idea of having long hair does not necessarily mean keeping away from trimming your hair. Trimming the split ends on your hair is very essential. Untrimmed edges end up destroying the whole hair strand. If you don’t know how to get rid of these ends you can seek assistance from the professional hairdresser.

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  1. Choose Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Another secret of having long hair is having a friendly shampoo and conditioner. Go for the products that combine good quality and natural based ingredients. Avoid shampoo that contains parabens, silicone and other contents that may destroy your hair in the long run. A good conditioner will add moisture in your hair, and as a result, its shaft will have improved elasticity and strength hence will not easily break. As you chose the conditioner, look at the condition of your hair and you can choose to use a leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner or natural hair mask.

  1. Avoid Over Washing Your Hair

Having clean hair is very important but shampooing your daily will make it grow slowly. The reason why daily shampooing does more harm than good is that it removes the natural oils from the scalp. This leaves your hair exposed to excessive sunlight, humidity or moisture. Eventually, your hair becomes more brittle and could easily break.

  1. Do Away With the Tight Hairstyles and Pony Tails

Another thing that has adverse effects on your hair is tight hairstyles, these styles could result in the damaged hair follicle. Although not impossible, damaged follicles can take long to repair, when you keep pulling your hair into very tight hairstyles your hair elasticity is often pulled to limit, something that may lead to hair breakage. Every time you have to pull up your hair, just have a simple knot that does not put your hair against unnecessary pressure.

  1. Keep Your Hair Natural

Let your hair remain natural, I know the thought of many is that natural hair is a little bit difficult to manage. Depending on the type of hair you have, this could be true, however, in the current hair industry there are numerous natural products that can help you maintain natural hair regardless of the hair type. To get that silky and long hair cut down habits such as hair dyeing, hair-drying, bleaching, flat-ironing, curling, etc.

  1. Be Keen on The Type of Hair Brush and Towel You Use

Avoid using towels that have hard microfibers as this may cause breakage every time you rub your wet hair. Soft towels are preferable as they will not cause any tension and pressure. Another remedy for having long hair is finding the right hairbrush. Brushing your hair may look like an easy affair but this is what causes most hair breakage. A good hairbrush is one of the best beauty tools you can have. Use the best brush depending on your hair type. A paddle brush is suitable for quickly detangling hair with ease and comfort since it has a wide, rectangular surface. If you have curly hair you can still use this brush to give you exceptional and good looking curves.

A looper brush features unique looped bristles that allow the brush to glide easily over your hair without causing any damage. For your wet hair always use the wide-tooth comb. It will detangle your hair and distribute evenly the leave-in conditioner which is a very good way of promoting hair growth.

  1. Take Care Your Scalp

Taking care of your scalp will also allow your hair to grow. Have scalp massage as much as possible, this will boost blood flow and reduce the stress you could be going through. Taking care of your scalp also includes eating healthy foods that will provide you with essentials oils, vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, proteins, and other nutrients.

  1. Manage Stress

Your body will not function well if you are stressed. Stress affects every part of your body including your hair. Avoid anxiety and conditions that may make you emotionally drained. In addition, take care of other factors such as hormonal imbalance, crash diets, too much sun exposure, etc. These factors will slow down your hair growth.

Additional Tips on What Will Help Your Hair to Grow Faster

  1. Sleep on silk pillows
  2. Massage your hair with natural essential oils like olive and avocado oils
  3. Protect your hair from harsh conditions