Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism

Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism: Autistic children are gifted in their own unique ways. The important thing for every parent and guardian is to understand the needs of the specific children. Non-verbal toys for autistic children are numerous in the market. They make the kid’s playtime interesting while on the other hand still improve on their skills

It is very important to help an autistic child to develop communication skills and social skills as this will assist them in expressing their feelings and be able to interact with others.  Nonverbal toys for autist children come handy in helping your child develop in a big way because the child is expected to learn themselves other than getting instruction from audios. They basically observe, assess the information, and decide the step to take.

Generally, when it comes to toys, an autistic child is less interested in them. The work of the parent is to take time and understand the texture, color, make, or the specific material which the child prefers. But which are the best tools for nonverbal autistic children? Let’s find out.

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Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism

Below we have looked at some of the best toys for non-verbal autism. These autism learning toys are ideal for your child to learn.

The Language Builder Picture Noun Flash Cards

Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism

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The Language Builder Picture Noun Flash Cards set that has over 350 photo cards with attractive photographic images of foods, animals, vehicles, toys, shapes, furniture, colors and day to day objects. Each image has been specifically selected for its ease and appeal to the children to stimulate their minds and skills to learn some of the day to day things that they interact with. It is one of the best toys for nonverbal autism.

What your child will learn using The Language Builder

It is very instrumental in teaching key language concepts to preschool-age children. If your child is having developmental and speech delays, you can expect him or her to learn some of the following abilities and skills

  • Receptive Verbal skills
  • Expressive Verbal skills
  • Matching card ability
  • Adjectives
  • Functions

The language Builder Picture noun card set is designed to improve your child’s cognitive development, communication skills, and social skills

Advantages of having the language Builder

  • Has more detailed instructions
  • Has a good gloss varnish cover that improves durability
  • The photos are taken on a horizontal format to improve on consistency
  • Best toys for nonverbal toddlers

Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board – Non Verbal Toys for Autistic Children

Nonverbal Autism Toys

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Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board is a modest timetabling tool, intended to help your child transition from one activity to another. It comes with 32 frequently used activity symbol appropriate at home and school. It is easy for the children to use and will create an understanding for your child what is expected of them. The board has a place for the present activity (now), then follows the place for the next activity (next) and also activities that will take place during the day (later). This will free your son’s or daughter’s reliance on other people to help them maneuver through the day’s activities. As a result of this self-reliance, your child will develop self-confidence and eventually reduces anxiety

What your child will learn using Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board

  • Self-reliance
  • Self-confidence
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Best non-verbal toys for autistic children


Not be used by children below the age of 3 years

MKgames Feelings – Matching & Memory Card Game

best autism toys
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MKgames Feelings is one of the best games for an autistic child. It is developed by professionals with a background in special needs education and therapists. It is exceptional and most preferred by parents with special needs children because it helps in improving their social skills and eventually the child can tell different emotions depicted in the photos.

The reason why this game will improve your child’s ability to socialize is that it will present a picture of different emotions in which a child can be able to imitate and with time the parent can be able to get noticeable change with the expression of the child. You can also be able to interact with the child and help him or her to develop their memory and speech.

What your child will learn using MKgames Feelings – Matching & Memory Card Game

  • Improves concentration,
  • Improves visual discrimination
  • Enhances visual memory

OIG Brands Water Beads for Kids 20,000 Pack

toys for preschoolers with autism

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Most autistic kids love water beads, the different color that comes with different pack make them enjoyable to play with. Most kids love the part where the beads expand after being soaked in water.

The reason why you might consider these water beads is because they will help your child in color recognition and counting ability. When used in a pool they can develop your child moto ability as they will stretch out trying to get hold of the expanded beans


The beads should not be used for children below the age of 3 years or if the child has the habit of putting things in the mouth.

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

toys for nonverbal child

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The Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set is loved by many children. It’s a great multi-sensory tool for play and learning.  You can be assured that this learning playfoam will help your child learn the alphabet and shapes. Due to the different colors and soft texture the child will be able to retain concertation while still knowing different texture. Aside from making the shapes, the kids will learn how to form letters.

Wikki Stix Multi-Sensory Resource Kit

Wikki Stix Multi-Sensory Resource Kit

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Buying Wikki Stix Multi-Sensory Resource Kit will ensure that your child has a good sensory input that will improve on their expressions, social skills, and fine motor skills. It has previously been used by autistic children and the results have been brilliant. The kit is developed by a group of professionals who work to ensure that after using this tool your child will have noticeable changes.

My Moods, My Choices Flipbook for Kids

Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism

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My Moods, My Choices Flipbook for Kids will teach your child various emotions and still give a positive action that can be taken, to manage the feelings. Some of the emotion contained in the book include happy, hungry, hopeful, shy, sad, sick and many more adding to 20 different moods

Your child’s behavior will definitely improve after using the flipbook and the change will be noticeable. The rate of improvement may vary with different children but whether rapid or slow the important thing is that your child nonverbal communication improves

Charades Kids on Stage Tin

Charades Kids on Stage Tin

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Charades Kids on Stage Tin has numerous ways of improving your child’s confidence, creativity and communication skills. Charades kids are easy to understand and play. There is no reading involved hence very favorable for nonverbal kids. The illustration given is clear and playing this will keep your child concentration very alert.

Contents of Charades Kids on Stage Tin

It’s come with Game board with Spinner, six Playing Pieces, 20 Red Action Cards, 20 Blue Animal Cards 20 and Green Object Cards

The only caution with this toy is that it is not recommended for children below the age of 3 years

FIOLOM Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Toddler Toy

FIOLOM Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Toddler Toy

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FIOLOM Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Toddler Toy is one of the best toys you can buy for a child with autism. As a nonverbal toy, it triggers your child’s color recognition, fine motor skills, shape recognition, body coordination and eventually increases their concentration.

The toys are easy to use and they are made from non-toxic materials that will not stimulate your child’s skin. Another good advantage of these toys is that they are big and you never have to worry about chocking.

20 complete nut and bolt sets – 40 pieces, an instruction, and a storage bag

Factors to consider when buying the best toys for nonverbal autism

To help you understand some of the things to consider when buying toys for a child with autism we have listed below factors

  1. Ability to nurture Social Interaction

The essential thing that you should concentrate on when buying a toy for nonverbal autism is the ability of the toy to encourages social interaction. Choose toys that boost activities like physical movement, dancing, imitation etc. in addition provide your child with a variety of toys that require activities of two or more people.

When a child is involved physically chances are they will let go of their fears and they will learn one or two things. Sooner or later it will not be hard to repeat what they learned.

  1. Result in Noticeable Experience

You do not want to buy toys for nonverbal autism yet you cannot measure or gauge the progress your child is having from using these toys.

To help you know the kid’s progress try getting games with various colors, textures, shapes, and ones that have question and answer format.

With the games that come with questions and answer your child may be reluctant to answer but with proper guidance, they will eventually be able to answer.

  1. Try Reasonable and Imitation Toys

Imitation games are very good for nonverbal children this is because they provide them with a good chance for them to socialize and build communication skills.

Reasons why you need best of Toys for Nonverbal Autism

  • Promotes Social Engagement – Your child learns how to relates with other people
  • Improves your child cognition skills hence ensuring the child reasoning is better
  • Boosts expressive skills thereby your child is able to communicate using words, gestures, or any other way she/ he’s understood.

Activities to Encourage Nonverbal Children to Communicate