Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat 2022

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat: Having a nice bike is what makes your biking experience wonderful, but having an extra comfortable bike seat will make your experience more enjoyable.

It is in this regard that you should consider getting one of the most comfortable bike seat for your Mountain bike, Folding bike, Road bicycle, Spin Bike or Stationary Bike.

Bikers around the world can attest that you may not tell the pros on a bike seat unless you ride on it for some distance. Below we have looked at some of the most comfortable bike seats, so have a look and you could find what you are looking for.

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat 2022

Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat

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This is a bike seat that you can ride without having to worry about discomfort. It is comfortable and will cause less damage to your back even if you use it on your stationary exercise bike. With this bike seat, you don’t have to join in the list of people who stopped biking due to adverse effects caused by poor quality bike saddle/seat.

Outstanding features in Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

  • To ensure it does not cause soreness and pain on your back it has a comfortable and wide (11″ Long x 10″ Wide) seat gel cushion.
  • It has an additional high resistant carry-on bag to help you store your seat cover to avoid unnecessary damages.
  • It can be used on different bikes ranging from cycling, road bike, and exercise bikes.
  • Easy to fix on the bike

Giddy Up! Bike Seat

Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat

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Giddy Up! The bike seat is not just an ordinary bike, it is one of the best. It comes as a premium comfortable bike seat with tail light, a reflective bad, seat cover, and a mounting wrench. This bike seat will make your bike appropriate for riding to work, school, off-road biking and many more places you wish to ride.

Comfortable features in Giddy Up! Bike Seat

  • It has two rubber balls under the seat which absorb shock that come from bumpy roads.
  • The seat is made of memory foam material to ensure extra comfort.
  • To ensure your security during night rides it has a LED Taillight and a reflective band.
  • Giddy Up set is waterproof and its dirt proof, for further protection from the dirt it has a cover that covers the seat when not using it.
  • It is easy to mount. In addition, it fits well on any standard bicycle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bike Seat

Best Mountain Bike Seat

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If you are looking for a bike seat that is comfortable and durable you can go for Sunlite Cloud-9. It has been engineered to provide extra comfort and it takes into consideration your body shape to ensure your back is not damaged. This bike seat is suitable for all kind of bikes and it will meet your expectations

Key outstanding features in Sunlite Cloud-9 Bike Seat

  • For comfort, it has multi-stage foam and a coil spring suspension
  • For extra comfort, it has a dual-density gel foam padding
  • Has skillfully positioned vents to ensure the flexible riding experience every time
  • Made of durable and water-resistant materials
  • It has a protective bumper that keeps your saddle looking great even with extensive use.
  • Has a universal design that fits with many bikes



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Are you looking for a bike seat to replace your current one that is old and rugged?  If yes, then you consider BLUEWIND Bike Seat. This bike seat fits well on list of most comfortable mountain bike seats because of the exemplary features it has. Below are some of the outstanding features

Features in BLUEWIND Bike Seat

  • It’s a super comfy seat with high-density memory foam
  • The seat is durable and waterproof due to the leather
  • Has a dual shock-absorbing spring ball
  • Considers the general anatomy of riders by having a front part that is smooth and it is also half-inch narrower than normal bicycle seat so as to avoid the discomfort that comes when your thighs rub on each other.
  • For additional comfort, it has a nice concave shape in the middle, which ensures that your bottom has a breathable space.

DAWAY Comfortable Bike Seat

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat

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No one can overlook the importance of cycling both as a mode of exercise and transport. Many people are now adopting bikes as an alternative mode of transport, this is major reason why getting a comfortable bike seat is important.  There are brands of bike seats brands that are well renowned for the comfort they bring. One these brands is DAWAY C99 Bike Seat. With this seat, your biking experience will be one with comfort and fun. This bike seat is comfortable for Men, Women, seniors, and even for an overweight persons. As you choose your bike seat let DAWAY C99 make your cycling more Comfortable and Enjoyable!

Excellent features in DAWAY Bike Seat

  • Has taillight with 5 pcs super bright LEDs which makes it more suitable for outdoor cycling. The LED has 3 lighting modes, which offer optimal visibility for safe cycling.
  • For better protection of your hip it has thick padded high-density memory foam that is covered with non-slip PVC leather
  • For maximum breathability, it has a hollow design in the middle.
  • It has a dual spring rubber ball suspension at the bottom of the seat, that creates a more stable and strong shock absorption effect.
  • The seat is waterproof

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Ladies 2022

Ladies, to get a bike seat that is comfortable there are several features it must have that are quite different compared to the ordinary bike seat. Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Ladies are normally wider because a woman’s Pelvis has wider and softer bones than those of men.

Comfort is key when it comes to cycling, so ladies ensure you go for a seat that will give you the comfort you are looking for.

Below is the list of most comfortable bike seats for women/ladies.  Read through and hope you will find one that suits your needs.

Selle ITALIA Diva Gel Flow Bicycle Saddle

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Ladies

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This is not a just great looking bike seat but it is a seat meant to meet the need of women’s riders. It is a bike saddle that is intended to bring unmatched riding ease and comfort for your road or mountain bike.

Best features in selle ITALIA Diva Gel Flow Bicycle Saddle

  • It is so comfortable because it has a silicone gel with various thickness and the gel is practically put around an anatomical cut for additional relief when you are riding
  • Has a full-grain leather that is breathable and underneath is a varying padding
  • Has 10% carbon fused shell with inbuilt elastomers that absorbs collisions and bumps which are found in rough terrain
  • Has tubular Vanox rails which provide lightweight strength

Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat

Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat

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Planet Bike A.R.S. seat is also a good bike seat for women. It has added gel on the upper part of super soft padding to make sure your sporty times are more comfortable. You can be assured that if you buy this durable A.R.S. Standard bike seat you will not need to replace it so soon. It is designed to meet your needs by having thick padding and full anatomical cut out; as a result, many women bikers love the seat when exercising in their stationary bike or when on the road.

Best features in Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat

  • Well padded
  • Has a design that gives an anatomical easiness
  • Steel rails
  • Ensure no need for padded cycling shorts.

Bikeroo Bike oversize Saddle for Women

Bikeroo Bike oversize Saddle for Women

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Bikeroo bike seat has been particularly designed for a woman’s shape. If you are looking for a woman’s bike seat or saddle that is wide, then this one of the kind. The make supports and reduce pressure on soft tissue areas due to the oversize seat that will distribute all the pressure from your butts across the surface of the saddle and will help you evade lower back pain even after long hours rides.

It is a bike seat that also considers universal compatibility to ensure it fits well with mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, road bikes, etc.

Best features of Bikeroo Bike oversize Saddle for Women

  • Has a wide saddle.
  • Durable material.
  • It is so easy to install.
  • Fits well with different types of bikes.
  • The seat structure is firm.

Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle with Cutout

Comfortable Bike Seat for women

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Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle is made by a company that has been committed to producing quality products for riders across the world for the last 20 years. This is the reason why Serfas line of Dual Density saddles was the first bike seat to have a patented infinite Comfort System. It is made from a soft and elastic rubber layer just below the rider’s sit bones. Beneath the elastic rubber are two layers of soft & firm closed-foam cells that act as shock absorbers. To give a final and a 5 star kind of comfort, the seat is covered with four-way stretch Lycra material.

In addition to the above comfort features, the seat has a Deep Furrow design features that is carved down to the complete length of the seat so as to get rid of pressure at the center of the seat & helps put the rider in the correct riding position. Riders will be able to ride longer and more comfortably because rider weight is positioned correctly on the saddle.

Comfortable features in Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle

  • Has a Dual Density for extra comfort.
  • Deep Groove Design reduces pressure and maintain the rider’s good position to be able to ride for long.
  • Has a patent Infinite Control System.
  • The bike seat has a Ninety Days Comfort Guarantee.
  • It has a frictionless Gel top layer.
  • It comes with 90 days of comfort guarantee.

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Overweight 2022

The talk about weight is never easy; this is because different people differ in what can be considered an average body weight. However, if you love cycling and you feel your bike seat or saddle is meant to one of those meant for heavier persons then you can consider getting a bike seat that is meant for that purpose.

If you are overweight there are certain things in a bike seat that you should consider more.. Overweight people should consider a bike seats that distributes weight well across the seat. This will lower the pressure exerted on the lower back hence no back pains

There are several comfortable bike seats for overweight men and women in the market and below we have looked at some

Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

Most comfortable bike seat for overweight

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Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion is a good product for men who are overweight. If you are planning to lose weight through cycling this seat will ensure that the work out on your bike will be painless and more comfortable.

It has a large cushion that will distribute you weight evenly on the well-made gel cushion seat.


  • Protects against back PAINs hence you keep on going to ensure you achieve you desired weight
  • Has a wide seat gel cushion – 11″ Long x 10″ Wide
  • Can be used on mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, road bike and many more

INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

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INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat also suits the needs of an overweight person. The bike seat size is 6.7″*5.9″*2.7″. This is a bike design with an extra wide seat space, you can be assured that your bottom will be fully supported, therefore it will relieve pressure and guarantee comfortable rides.

Outstanding features in INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

  • Has large foam padding which delivers plush comfort without much bulkiness,
  • The seat is breathable and comfortable
  • Has a PU leather surface that is waterproof and anti-slip
  • It is a universal design that can be installed on any standard seat post
  • It is light (1.35 kgs) and wide (6.7*5.9*2.7)

WOWOWO Bicycle Cruiser seat

Most comfortable bike seat for overweight

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WOWOWO Bicycle Cruiser seat has a Dual Shock absorbing ball that at the base, the ball is made of rubber elastomer for better stability and to ensure it lessen pain at the legs. If you are trying to lose weight and you are looking for a bike seat that will be user friendly you can consider WOWOWO Bicycle Cruiser seat, it will bring a special comfortable feeling whenever you are cycling for both short and long distances.

Like many superb bikes seat for overweight, this one also takes into account the need for an ergonomic Design. To be specific, it has a 3 in 1 unique groove design that allows airflow vent in middle of the sea. With this design air is able to circulate around your of buttock.

Others good features in WOWOWO Bicycle Cruiser seat Include

  • Latest Soft Comfy Bike Seat:
  • Made up of high-density punching foam for more comfort
  • The seat is wear resistance hence durable
  • It’s a Universal Bike Seat, fitting into Clip Seat Tube and Double Track Seat Tube


Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat Buying Guide

When buying a bike seat the important question rises up like:

Commonly asked questions about bike seats

  • Which is the best type of bike seat?
  • What should be the correct width size for my bike seat?
  • What is the most comfortable material for my mountain bike seat?
  • Which are the best bike seats for women?
  • What brands of bike seats are suitable for an overweight person?

Getting the answers to the questions will require you to understand what is available in the market. For instance, there are many best type of bike seat in the market, but a choice will depend on your taste and need. Some people prefer a hard saddle while others would not go near such a saddle. The comfort of a bike seat is determined by the type of padding and the type of material used for padding, for example, if your saddle has a higher range of Polyurethane foam it will likely be softer. Some mountain bike seats have an indentation at the center; this is meant to decrease pressure and heat around your sensitive seating area.  Before buying a replacement for your bike understand what works for you and what does not. If the current one is not good then avoid buying a replica, look for something better.

How to Change and Remove a Bike Seat