Best Above Ground Pool Covers 2022

Best Above Ground Pool Covers: Other than using pool chemicals another best way to maintain cleanliness in your above ground pool is by getting a pool cover. A good cover will withstand harsh climatic conditions to prevent dirt and algae from getting and forming in the pool more so when it is winter or when the pool is not being used. There are several best above ground pool cover in the markets, so be sure to get one that you will use every time your pool is not in use.

As we look at the above-ground swimming pool cover reviews, it is good to note the most important features you should look for.

What to look for when buying Best Above Ground Pool Covers

Scrim number

When choosing a winter swimming pool cover, look at the Scrim number. The scrim is the weave tightness which is determined by the thread construction. A cover with a higher scrim is of higher quality that one with lower scrim.


Most above ground winter pool cover are made of polyethylene material but as noted above the quality of material is determined by scrim number. The material should be UV stabilized to ensure no light penetrates to the pool to avoid algae.


A good ground pool cover should have an overlap, most have a 4 ft overlap that caters for shift in water level.


Buy the cover depending on your pool size. There are various sizes including 12ft, 15ft, 18ft,21ft, 24ft, 28ft etc.

Best Above Ground Pool Covers 2022

Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

Best Above Ground Pool Covers

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This Blue Wave 24 ft. cover is one best above ground winter pool cover. It comes with 12 years’ warranty and it will protect your pool against snow, sun, wind and any other substances. The cover is made from woven polyethylene scrim and coat hence it is strong to withstand snow damage. For extra ability to withstand sun damage it is U.V stabilized. A dark/black inner side delayS the growth of algae.

For additional firmness this cover is held securely using a heavy-duty vinyl coated cable and its fastener is supported by some rip proof metal grommets.


  • Its size 28 feet inclusive of 4 ft overlap hence can cover a ground pool-sized 24 ft.
  • It will maximally protect against snow, sun, dust, falling leaves, etc.
  • It will not stretch or rip
  • Durable
  • Easy to fit and tighten around the pool

Blue Wave Bronze Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

above ground pool covers

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The difference between the Blue Wave Bronze and Blue Wave Silver above ground pool cover is the number of scrim. The lower number scrim in Blue wave bronze cover means it is slightly less durable than its counterpart and that’s why it comes with 8 years’ warranty compared to 12 years in Blue wave silver cover.

It is made of rugged polyethylene scrim and coating hence like a good hardcover for the above ground pool it can withstand worst winter seasons. Once fitted in the pool it is held securely on with a heavy-duty coated cable and a tightener.

Best features

  • Has strong and long-lasting woven strands
  • Has a 4 ft. overlap to provide a better fit
  • No algae expected once it is fixed

Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Ground Pool Cover

strongest above ground pool cover

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As one of the best above ground pool covers, Robelle 24ft Super Winter Cover is a UV-resistant polyethylene solid winter cover and It comes with 4 ft. overlap hence making it is easier to secure to your pool than other ground pool covers.

Since Robelle covers come in different sizes it important to consider your pool size to ensure its not overstretched as the overlap is meant to go beyond the pool.  A well-fitting cover should be able to securely float on the water without being too loose or too tight

The Robelle Super Winter Cover features an 8 x 8 scrim, therefore, it will withstand the winter season well. In addition, its polyethylene material is also of high quality.


  • Weight 2.36oz
  • Size 24 ft
  • Has 10 years’ warranty
  • Has a black color inner layer that prevents the growth of algae

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus 24-Foot Above-Ground Swimming Pools

best pool covers for above ground pools

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Above ground swimming pool covers reviews cannot be complete without looking at Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover.  It is a 24 inches cover and has 4 feet overlap. Your pool will be tightly closed and no amount of sunlight or winter will damage the cover. Its UV resistant nylon threads and 8×8 scrim will withstand this condition. However, to prolong the cover’s life span it is important to drain off the excess water that gathers at the top.


  • Durable
  • Will defend your pool against algae and dirt
  • Affordable
  • 8 years’ warranty
  • Light and easy to fold

Pool Mate 3524-4 PM Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

the best above ground pool covers

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As the best winter cover for the above ground pool, it will maintain the cleanliness you expect and once you are ready to use the pool you will not find any algae. The reason why this cover works so well due to the following

  • Made of heavy-duty, polyethylene material that is able to prevent UV rays from entering your pool.
  • Has grommets that are placed every 4”
  • It is made of lightweight material that will give you less problem when fixing, on the other hand, the material is still durable to get 10 years’ warranty
  • Its seams are heat sealed to make sure they also last long

Intex 15-Foot Round Metal Frame Pool Cover – Hard Cover For Above Ground Pool

hard cover for above ground pool

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Are you in need of a hardcover for the above ground pool? Well, this Intex cover is the perfect solution for your needs. It’s made from excellent materials and for approximately 10 years. Once fixed no harsh conditions including wind will displace it. It has a drain hole that guarantees that the flow of water is managed. Since it is 15 feet It is best fitted in a small pool.


  • The cover is easy to fit and remove from your pool
  • Affordable
  • Dimensions: 15 ft. by 10 “